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February 9, 2014
Posted By: Frank Finazzo, DDS
Star Reviews | Dentist Fontana CA

I encourage my patients to review my office, WinningSmiles in Fontana, CA, regularly. For the most part, we get excellent reviews and we are complimented on our quality of care and the friendliness of my team. We also get praised for our short wait times and the cleanliness of our facility. I also ask that my patients let me know if there is anything we could have done better to improve their experience.

1 ugly review

Recently I was perusing YELP reviews of our office and came upon a review that wasn’t so flattering. I’ve edited it for grammar, punctuation and syntax. Here is the review:

Carlos C. Reviewed WinningSmiles: “I went to WinningSmiles a few months ago because Stu of KCAL 96.7 recommended them. Well, they seemed like they were professional and like they could fix the disaster in my mouth…..until I got the price estimate. I was going through a home modification at the time so my credit was shot. My home is now modified and I just bought a new car….credit fixed. Now KCAL advertises that WinningSmiles has payment plans. I still think that $8000 .00 is a lot for dentures. I’ll find a good piece of teakwood and whittle myself a pair for free….LOL!!! Stay away unless you have a lot of money. The clerical help was more interested in my home modification instead of trying to help me with options… Friendly staff.”

Note: The $8000.00 included the cost to remove all of the nasty, infected teeth under sedation as well as a set of custom, high quality dentures. I think it is at least mildly amusing that this person values a new car over the quality of life he will have infection free and with a new smile. I wasn’t involved in the financial discussion, but I do know that my treatment coordinators are excellent at making arrangements that our comfortable for our patients and they are sympathetic to our patients’ financial situations.


Dentistry is an investment in one’s overall health and well-being, and it is not inexpensive. However, believe it or not, maintaining dental health is not any more expensive that a smart phone plan. If one needs extensive dentistry, the payments are usually much less than a car payment. In my opinion, the old adage, “Put your money where your mouth is”, applies here. You can’t put a value on quality of life, and being able to smile confidently, eat what you want, and be pain free is worth a hell of a lot.

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