Modern Dentures in Fontana, CA

Older couple smiling | Dentures in Fontana CAIs it time for you and your WinningSmiles dentist to discuss dentures?

Many patients come to our practice worried about how dentures will affect their appearance, their comfort, and their ability to enjoy their favorite foods. Some remember the dentures their parents or grandparents wore and wonder what kind of progress has been made over the last few decades.

We have great news.

Today’s modern dentures are designed to beautifully mimic natural teeth and restore your quality of life. At WinningSmiles, we only offer premium dentures that look fantastic and fit comfortably. We can also discuss options like dental implants, which can be used to hold dentures securely in place so you never have to worry about them coming loose or slipping at an inopportune moment.

The Difference in Today’s Dentures

Dentures have come a long way in the last few decades!

Today, we design dentures to complement your face shape, your features, and even your skin tone. Our goal is to design dentures that are so lifelike, nobody will ever know the difference.

Your WinningSmiles dentist will take the time to consult with you about your goals for your smile and your lifestyle, and we trust our dentures to a high-quality lab with skilled technicians. Natural teeth have subtle variations, and our eyes are used to seeing this in a smile. When we’re designing your dentures and the lab technicians are placing your teeth, this knowledge is at the top of our minds. Each new tooth is placed individually into the gum base to help recreate that variation and lifelike appearance.

Of course, fit and comfort are just as important as appearance! Your denture base will conform to your gumline and is designed to stay in place using suction so you don’t have to rely on messy adhesives. If you are receiving a partial denture, your appliance may be held in place using a combination of methods, including clasps that fit around your natural teeth.

Over time, the shape of your gums is likely to change, so it’s important to continue seeing us for regular check-ups so we can assess the fit of your dentures and reline them when necessary. If you ever feel like your denture isn’t fitting as well as it used to, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Couple smiling | Fontana CA DenturesImplant-Supported Dentures

Are you still worried that your dentures may slip or impede your ability to eat the foods you love? We can discuss other options to help make sure you never have to experience a moment of concern!

Dental implants can be used to hold a denture in place. Dentures often rely on suction to help them stay in place. Because the upper arch has more space, suction is more effective. Suction isn't 100% reliable, however, and many people still have concerns about their dentures slipping. This is where dental implants come in.

We strategically place a few implants and then attach clasps that hold the denture securely in place. Both upper-arch and lower-arch dentures can benefit from this innovative new option.

Our patients love this option because it combines the simplicity and lower cost of dentures with the high-tech security and long-term health benefits of implants. Better yet, since we have implant specialists right here in our dental office, we can complete your entire treatment from start to finish!

Want to Learn More about Dentures?

If it’s time to start thinking about dentures, please call our Fontana dental practice to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled dentists. We’ll help you sort through your options and give you the information you need to make important decisions about your dentistry and your health.