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The Dreaded Loose Denture

April 4, 2012
Posted By: Frank Finazzo, DDS
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Many people come to my dental office, WinningSmiles, in Fontana, California complaining that their dentures are loose. Most of the time, these patients have worn dentures for years.

What causes ill-fitting dentures?

Ill-fitting dentures result from different reasons. Because dentures rest on tissue and bone and over time, with chewing and swallowing, the bone tends to reabsorb or disappear and the dentures won’t fit as tight. In addition, the tongue and the surrounding tissues constantly move when one talks or chews and this tends to cause a denture to dislodge. Dentists can make most upper dentures fit fairly well because suction can be created with the palate. This is not true for lower dentures. Many people’s quality of life is affected with ill-fitting dentures. Patients are not able to enjoy foods as much with dentures because they cover taste buds which will compromise taste; besides, chewing food with ill-fitting dentures is challenging and may affect a person’s diet and their overall health.

What options are available for fixing ill-fitting dentures?

A couple of options exist for people with ill-fitting dentures. Oftentimes, a denture can be relined or rebased. To do this, the dentist will make an impression within the existing denture and send it to a dental laboratory. The lab will put a new surface on the underside (tissue side) of the denture. This may or may not solve an issue with a loose denture…especially a lower denture. Lower dentures “suck”…in fact, they don’t “suck” and that’s why lower dentures “suck”. It is almost impossible to create suction with a lower denture. People will often result to denture adhesives to “glue” their dentures into place. This is often a “band-aid” which will not improve the quality of a person’s life. Too often, an ill-fitting denture causes sore spots in a patient’s mouth. This situation can be hard to solve.

How dental implants can help

Enter dental implants: Dental implants have literally revolutionized the dental industry. Dental implants are small titanium cylinders which are inserted into the jaw bone to replace the roots of missing teeth. In the case of a denture patient who wants to have a stable denture, two to six dental implants can be placed in either the upper or the lower jaw and a denture can be fashioned to snap onto the implants. There are several advantages of dental implants. First, a stable denture will allow the patient to chew their food better. Also, dental implants help to prevent bone from resorbing. Furthermore, using dental implants to stabilize a denture allow a patient to enjoy their food more because we can make the denture bases smaller, thus exposing more taste buds. The other thing that dental implants will help prevent is sore spots. This is because the implants help take the “load” off the tissues.

One of the best services I have been able to provide my patients is using mini-dental implants in the lower jaw to stabilize their denture. This service is economical, and in most cases can be done in one short visit. As long as an existing lower denture is adequate (that is, the teeth aren’t worn and the acrylic is in good shape) I can retrofit the denture to receive the dental implants. This procedure is usually done with just a local anesthetic, although, if a patient desires, a light sedation can be provided for comfort and relaxation.

Dentures in Fontana, CA

Having a stable, retentive denture will improve your quality of life. Give us a call today to learn more about dental implants and other restorative options.

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