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What is the benefit of having specialists in your practice?

Dental Specialists | Top Dentists in Fontana CAGeneral dentists can treat a broad range of problems, but like other medical specialists, dental specialists have received years of additional training to allow them to truly be experts in their field. Dr. Michael Khalil is a specialist in the area of endodontics, which focuses on treating problems that arise inside the teeth and performing procedures like root canals. Dr. Paul Anderson, who holds an MD degree in addition to a DDS, is a specialist in oral surgery. His expertise includes implant placement, wisdom teeth removal, bone grafting, and other surgical procedures. 

Your Care & Comfort Comes First

We always want our patients to have the absolute best treatment available, and one of the ways we can ensure this high level of care is to have specialists as a part of our practice. This means that you will hardly ever have to go anywhere else for your dental care, increasing your comfort and convenience. Since all your care is provided in a single office and our team members communicate with each other, you don't have to worry about any miscommunication or lost files, which can occur between offices. Our providers have instant access to your electronic file and your full medical history, which allows for more accurate assessment and more complete evaluations and recommendations. 

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Patient Testimonial:Love the Hospitality

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