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Many people like to make jokes about being afraid to see the dentist, but dental anxiety is very real—and it isn’t very funny. For some people, their fear of seeing the dentist runs so deep, they avoid going at all costs.

Many times, they end up with a dental issue such as a severe toothache that leaves them no choice. By then, they might need more invasive treatment—such as a root canal—to take care of a problem that could have been easily treated when it was less complex. This perpetuates the cycle of anxiety, keeping many people from skipping future dental appointments as well.

What can be done about dental anxiety? Your dentist in Fontana, CA, WinningSmiles, has some suggestions.

Talk to Your Dentist About Recommended Treatment

Often when you completely understand a treatment, this takes the unknown element out of the equation and can go a long way in calming you down. Feel free to ask questions, so you don’t commit to something you don’t fully understand.

Ask About Sedation Options

At WinningSmiles, we offer mild, moderate, and deep levels of sedation so we are confident we can calm the most anxious of patients.

  • Mild sedation—nitrous oxide. This safe gas is breathed in through a mask and provides instant relaxation the moment it hits your system. You will feel completely relaxed during treatment while still retaining consciousness. Once the gas is turned off, it leaves your system quickly, and you are back to normal.
  • Moderate sedation—oral sedation in the form of anti-anxiety medication. Your dentist will prescribe a medication to take before coming to your appointment that will help you relax while you are here.
  • Deep sedation—intravenous sedation. This strong level of sedation is administered through an IV and will put you to sleep while you are being treated. You will wake up with no recollection of the procedure.

For moderate and deep sedation, you will need to have a friend or family member take you to and from your appointment.

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