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The Dangers of Consuming Energy Drinks

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There are many stories and studies that take on the deleterious effects of so-called sports drinks or energy drinks. In the last ten years, these products have blossomed on the supermarket shelves. At my office, WinningSmiles in Fontana, I have seen the damaging effects of these products on my patient’s teeth.
Just this week, researchers say MRI scans found that energy drinks put an additional strain on your heart and make them contract more rapidly than normal.

How Energy Drinks Can Impact Your Health

Energy drink manufacturers have long argued the drinks are just as safe as a cup of coffee, but I completely disagree.
Here are just some of the deleterious effects of energy drinks:
• Cardiac arrest
• Headaches and migraines
• Diabetes
• Addiction
• Jitters and Nervousness
• Vomiting
• Insomnia
• Weight Gain
• Rampant Decay
Because I am a dentist, I will focus on the last item.

Rampant Decay

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t see a teenager or young adult that has a mouthful of cavities. Invariably, the common denominator in this epidemic of decay is sports/ energy drinks. No matter how well a patient’s oral hygiene or home care is, these products outweigh this and destroy the teeth. Sports drinks are very acidic and change the pH of the mouth to a level that destroys enamel. A young person’s permanent teeth are more susceptible to attack from the acids found in drinks, due to the porous quality of their immature tooth enamel. As a result, there is a high potential for acid erosion of the teeth.


My recommendation is to not consume energy drinks at all. However, if one is not able to give them up, the best advice is to minimize their use and rinse with water directly afterward.

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