Tooth Colored Fillings and Crowns

Tooth Colored Fillings and CrownsUnsightly metal fillings and crowns can make an otherwise perfect set of teeth look unattractive. Now there are fillings and crowns

specifically designed to match the natural color of the tooth. Directly-bonded, tooth-colored resin fillings and crowns can make teeth look like new, whether they are used for small areas of decay or to replace current fillings or metal crowns. Let the doctors at WinningSmiles in Fontana show you how natural your teeth will look with tooth colored fillings.

When the structural integrity of a tooth has been compromised by “old filling materials” or cracks and decay, a full coverage “crown”, or “cap” is the indicated treatment. If the restoration is subject to display by the patient when talking or smiling, the “tooth-colored” porcelain crown or porcelain fused-to-metal crown is the treatment of choice to avoid an unsightly metal filling.

Wondering how cosmetic and restorative dentistry can help achieve a beautiful smile? We maintain an entire library book and actual case photographs in our dental office depicting cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Finazzo and his WinningSmiles Team invite you to visit us for a complete tour of our state-of- the art dental facility. Contact us today to make an appointment and be sure to ask about a complimentary smile analysis on your first visit. We believe the results will make you smile!




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